PUBG! Xbox One, PC Black Friday & Cyber Monday Bundle Deals 2018

PUBG! Xbox One, PC Black Friday & Cyber Monday Bundle Deals 2018
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PUBG PS4, XBOX Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals


Still wanting the ‘real’ PC or Xbox version?

Sit back and bookmark these deals, because you would need them.

The PUBG buzz is just going higher and while you can play it for free on your mobile phones, there is no comparison to playing it on an Xbox or a PC. The graphics and gameplay are just so much better.

Still haven’t got one?

Well, now is the perfect time.

The PUBG Black Friday sale starts soon. This means that not only there will be nominal discounts on the “already popular” Battle Royale game but some pretty heavy ones.

The game, having been released in March 2017, will be seeing some heavy price cuts this Black Friday 2018. From Amazon to Game, everyone competing to get their best deals affront, PUBG puts out a great attraction for customers.

While the game made a solid start with its initial release, there is still a large number of gaming population that are using the mobile version and/or looking for some good discounts.

PUBG Black Friday sale will be bringing you the same.

But, let’s clear our grounds first and dig into what the game is really about.

Most of you don’t really need it, but it is always good to know more about what you are buying.

So, let’s dig in.





Yes. This is main part!

Ranging from great discounts on Steam to heavy price slashes on Amazon, PUBG PC Black Friday Deals will get you a big time saving.

While John Lewis will feature a number of Xbox Bundle Deals along with PUBG with up to 100 off.
Argos will be coming up with PUBG PC Black Friday combo deals along with a number of other 2017 releases including Forza Horizon, FIFA 18 and many more.

Amazon will once again dominate the market with limited period sales on PUBG PC Black Friday offers. These offers will be the highly discounted rates of not only PUBG PC but also PUBG Xbox Black Friday deals.



A number of Xbox Black Friday Bundle Deals along with PUBG will be one of the cheapest deals you will see this Black Friday 2018.

For PC gamers, the good news will be the high discounts on Steam. The prices will hit a new low and you can finally play PUBG the way it is meant to be.

The PUBG PC Black Friday discounts will also feature on online stores like GameStop, Argos and Curry, and will


The deals are yet to come out. Subscribe to us for free PUBG Black Friday deals notications!



So what, if you missed out the PUBG Black Friday sale, the PUBG Cyber Monday offers are here to cover you! And  no matter how big the Black Friday Sales go, Cyber Monday will still be better. So dig in!


Kohl’s will be providing free gift cards and Kohl’s Cash for almost all your shopping at Kohl’s, so keep collecting to save big!

Best Buy, Walmart and Target are not too far behind and you can expect to see some huge discounts on PUBG PS4 Black Friday deals.

Game and GameStop will be here with the greatest combo deals on PUBG PS4 Black Friday Sale and some more ‘best-selling’ games. If you are planning to buy two or more copies of the PUBG 4 PS4, you can get amazing discount on that too! So, get your friends and buy them together!


In UK, Amazon UK will feature some of the ‘never-seen-before’ discounts on PUBG 4 PS4 Black Friday Sale. Some of their PUBG 4 Black Friday Deals will be features in as “lightening deals” to be availed only on select hours during the whole Black Friday Sale.

Other leading stores that are expected to flash the greatest discounts on the PUBG 4 PS4 Black Friday deals including PUBG 4 Xbox Black Friday deals will be Argos, Curry, Zavvi and Tesco which will probably publish their Black Friday ad previews a week or two ahead of the actual sale.

How low can they go?

Well, they can go pretty low with increasing competition. So, better be prepared.

You will want to buy everything!

Stay tuned for more deals, offers and sales.

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