Black Friday &Cyber Monday PS4 & Xbox One/Elite Controller Deals 2018

Black Friday &Cyber Monday PS4 & Xbox One/Elite Controller Deals 2018

Black Friday &Cyber Monday PS4 & Xbox One/Elite Controller Deals 2018
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So, what are your plans for the upcoming Black Friday 2018? Mine have already started killing me from inside. 😁

As a matter of fact Black Friday Deals UK 2018 are not to be missed at all, especially if you are a gamer. Why? Because as a gamer I know it is very much hard to afford all the gaming equipments we want, like the PS4 and Xbox controllers. But, we have got it covered.

Looks like there are quite a buzz going around and everyone else is prepared for the black friday 2018 PS4 Bundle deals, so I had to be ready for these too. Below in there, I have prepared a huge list of PS4 and Xbox Controller deals which will take place on the Black Friday 2018 itself, and believe me they are gonna be so much of a sweet piece of cake.

So, in down there I have got them in a list. But before that here take a look on the whole Black Friday 2018 stuff and some tips on how to stay on the shore and catch the big fishes on the big day. 😍

About The Black Friday Controller Deals UK

Should not you be little nervous by now about the Black Friday? Well, it is obvious. Things which you wish for a long time will be on sale for a lifetime deal by 70-80% off and if you miss it, then maybe you have to wait for another 1 year. So, you should better buckle up and pay attention carefully to what I am about to write.

There are plenty of deals to happen on the big day itself. So, as our main priority we are seeking the best PS4 and Xbox Controller deals around the internet. And  not to be surprised, there will be a whole big price range for things which fall in this category.

Do you know the perfect place to buy them yourself? Scroll down, because you are about to find out.

Online Stores With Best Deals

The first names which come in to our minds when thinking of  buying something online are the giant online stores like Amazon, , Argos,  Curry’s, & Game’s  and to be followed. Especially this post revolves around the Black Friday DualShock PS4 Controller & Black Friday Xbox One Controller Deals which comprises of the best product you can find.

But before buying, here are few things to keep in mind which I mentioned before.

Will You Be Able To Afford Them? We all know that the price ranges will be cheaper ever than throughout the whole year. But it is wiser to know what things you can afford out there. You can make a

Be Prepared For The Final Product: May be you will find a lot of things going hot on sales right at the time you have settled for one or more products. And they might disturb your peace of mind while buying. So, consider everything which may cross your mind while buying one.

The thing is simple. You have to be ready for the products which will sneak out of nowhere. You must compare them with each other in a short period to see the options. If you are not prepared, you will bear a huge loss.

Comparison Is The Best Thing: Whatever you do, make sure you do compare products with each other while buying. You have to be aware of the best options you are getting when buying a products or so, which will help you eventually. So better you make a price chart and it will help you in buying the best ones.  

Use GIft Vouchers: As you know, there will be a lot of gift coupons and aggregators to redeem while the Black Friday. Help yourself and grab some coupon goodies which you help you fetch some extra discounts. You  can use some black friday coupon aggregator apps to redeem coupons too. 🤑

Avoid Crappy Websites: Don’t buy from any sites which may look too kuch sketchy and promises a lot of value. And if you do so, there is a 99% chance you will lost your valuable money. So just go with the flow and consider any big brands like Amazon, Ebay UK etc.

P.S – This post revolves around all the Black Friday PS4 and Xbox Controller Deals 2018 UK from the Amazon and some other store..

What Are The Best Deals?

best ps4 xbox black friday controller deals

Well, things which we have got here quite fall in the boon category. They all are the deals which includes best ps4 DualShock black friday deals along with Xbox controllers.

Best PS4 Controllers Black Friday Deals.

In below are some great PS4 Controller which you can buy right on Black Friday. Make sure to compare them with each other, decide which is best for you, and move on for buying it.

  1. Razer Raiju
  2. Nacon revolution pro
  3. Scuf Infinity 4PS
  4. Sony Dualshock 4
  5. Gator Claw

In addition to these, there are some great PS4 games Black friday deals going on too. Be sure to check them out for yourself too.

Actually, if you calculate these deals in a whole, you can find a massive rate of discount which you will barely get in day to day sales. So, better move your ass and grab these goodies before they go out of stocks.

And here we should follow the post for more Xbox Controller deals Black Friday.

  1. Razer Wildcat
  2. Xbox Elite
  3. Scuf Gaming Infinity
  4. Razor Wolverine Ultimate
  5. Xbox One Wireless


Enough satisfied? Because I am done searching the best deals over here. Well, if you want to know some of the websites where you can find them in cheap prices rather than the Amazon, don’t wait up.

With these mind blowing deals going around, now you must be really confused about the right spot to buy them.

Best Websites To Buy Products On Black Friday

As a matter of real fact which I have said earlier, you should not trust any crappy looking websites to buy our products for Black Friday. Who know if they are legit or not, but the sites below are to be hell trusted with.

Amazon UK

As the first choice, I would ever fall for the Amazon PS4 Controller Black Friday deals rather than any shit looking website. You hear it right. As a big brand, Amazon is my first to go ecomm marketplace where I can both buy and trust its legimity with my eyes closed.


You should really take a look at these Amazon PS4 Black friday and Amazon Xbox one controller Black Friday which are the best in their categories. They are well reviewed, tested and fun adding instruments which will pretty much put the vibes into the games. You just have to follow my tips which I said up there and you are good to go.


After Amazon UK, Argos is one of the leading ecomm store in the United Kingdom which have a speciality in selling best products including sports and leisure. Help yourself to go through our list of best Argos PS4 Controller Black Friday deals and Argos Xbox One Controller Back Friday deals to find your ideal controllers.


Going down on your nerves for the Black friday sales, and you haven’t checked the Tesco PS4 Controller Black Friday 2018 deals?

Not only PS4, Tesco Xbox One Controllers Black Friday products are quite worth the time to check for. If you haven’t find the best gaming controller black friday deals yet, consider Tesco to have a look.


Last but not the least, Currys will be the perfect buying hub if you haven’t find your ideal gaming products. Each and every year, you can find several Currys PS4 Controllers Black Friday deals going live on the watch. Also, look out for the Currys Xbox One Controller Black Friday deals because Currys is the best destination known to be selling a huge loads of Sony Xbox One controller deals.

You can checkout more Xbox One Black Friday Deals here 

Enough yet?

So it is finally up to you to make your move in this Black Friday 2018 and see whatever things you can buy along with these PS4 Bundle deals Black friday. As you know, my last tip will be to always follow my other tips.

Watch out for the best deals out there. Hope you will find this Black Friday to be very lucky for yourself. And don’t hesitate to let us know if you find anything out of the box if we have missed it. You are always welcome to comment about your Black Friday Controller deals UK here.