ps4 black friday DEALS

PS4(SLIM PRO),PSVR Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals, Bundles UK 2018

PS4(SLIM PRO),PSVR Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals, Bundles UK 2018
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Looking back and looking front, we can tell you that this isn’t the day you want to miss.

Prices hitting ground and with Black Friday 2018 there are a whole lot of PS4 Black Friday Deals, PS4 bundle deals, there is no chance you can afford to miss out on them.

And it is better you do your homework now then to stand alone in the class.

By this we mean, that if you don’t get prepared with what’s good and bad with the Black Friday 2018 deals, then you’ll wasting a whole lot of time during the big Black Friday 2018.

Now, let’s cut to the chase and give you exactly what you are here for.

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The most awaited deals on Black Friday are the ones on consoles and PS4 bundle deals that are really hard not to buy.

PS4 Black Friday deals will make you jump off your seat because, yes, the prices are as low as they can be.

Whether it is that you are looking forward to buy a new console or that you upgrading it to PS4 or PS4 Pro the timings couldn’t be better.

The PS4 Black Friday deals open up on 23rd November and will continue up till a week but the best deals can slip away easy.

From lightening deals on Amazon to heavy discounts at game, Currys, Argos and more; we have everything that you need to know about PS4 Black Friday Deals. And, then there are the greatest PS4 Bundle Deals.

But, before we dig into the many deals for PS4 Black Friday 2018, let us first get straight then which console out of the two would be better for you.

PS4 Slim VS PS4 Pro

The biggest difference between the two consoles would be of graphics and performance.

While in PS4 Pro, you get a “Pro Mode” which means a more enhanced graphic performance, this feature would not be available on PS4 Slim.

The better GPU performance and an additional 1GB of DDR3 RAM makes PS4 Pro a real deal for hard core gamers. PS4 Slim is non the less a power efficient dedicated gaming console and won’t let you down in any aspect.

Now, here is how the PS4 Black Friday deals comes to play.

The prices are hitting their all-time low and if you are looking forward to buy any one of those, let us compare the deals you will get on both of them. Now, the reason we would recommend you to go with the PS4 PRO is because of the PS4 Black Friday deals.

You can get a PS4 Pro with some pretty great PS4 Black friday bundle deals at 300 euros, which is approximately 50 euros less than what it may cost you normally. If this isn’t a fire deal, then we have no idea what is.

You may also get lucky with a PlayStation Plus at around 35 euros during flash deals on this Black Friday.

Like last year, PS4 will be available at around 200 euros for 1TB of storage and some Black Friday bundle deals.🏆

The games including FIFA19, Destiny 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, etc will offer some great discounts, so there is no missing them out.



With heavy discounts everywhere, what is it that are best for you and where can you get them?

Online retailers and websites like Amazon, GAME, Currys and Argos will open their PS4 Black Friday deals with the heaviest discounts.

Make sure you are ready before the light turns green.

Best of the best PS4 Black Friday (PRO+SLIM) Deals

The best deals are here.

You can maybe for once miss on tech deals and lifestyle deals but the PS4 Black Friday deals  2018 are the ones you can’t miss out on.

Especially the bundle deals!

  • Get PS4 500GB with FIFA 19 at only £199. The deal would normally cost you around £250. (WTF?!)
  • PS4 500GB with FIFA 18 for £199.00
  • PS4 500GB Slim with GT Sport for £199.00
  • PS4 500GB Slim with COD WW2 for £199.00
  • PS4 Slim 500GB with FIFA 18, Destiny 2, GT Sport, Knowledge is Power, Extra Controller and 3 month PS Plus for £249.99
  • PS4 Pro 1TB with Gran Turismo Sport for £299.95

The PS4 games Black Friday deals sale are no less.



  • Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy for £20.00
  • FIFA 18 for £36.00
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War for £29.99
  • Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus for £19.99
  • Tekken 7 for £26.99
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands for £20.00
  • Madden 18 for £36.00
  • Injustice 2 for £22.99
  • Destiny 2 for £26.00
  • Neir: Automata for £23.99
  • PlayStation Plus: 12-month Membership for £36.85

Crunching some numbers and calculating, these deals are offering you up to 60-80% discounts. You don’t get to see that every day.

What would be a good deal is buying your new PS4 console with a Black Friday Bundle deal and also getting a Playstation Plus membership.

These deals will go a long way.


What is next?….

The best of PS4 Bundle Deals!

Now, the best PS4 Black Friday deals are actually the bundles deals because you get TOO MUCH IN TOO LESS! These deals include games, accessories, cash rewards, gift cards and more, all tied up into a single deal at the lowest prices possible. 

Kohl’s, GameSpot, Game and Argos are the best to offer such deals and on this Black Friday 2018, they are hitting a new low on prices.

Check them out! (DEALS) 

But, wait. The deals do not end here.

We have something more that will fire up your post Thanks giving days and you will definitely thank us for this. While normally most people won’t go spend so much on PSVR and other console accessories but with these PlayStation VR Black Friday Deals and other bundle deals we are giving you every reason to get it!



  • PSVR with headset, camera, PSVR Worlds and Skyrim VR for £239.99
  • PS4 Dualshock controllers, various colours for £37.99
  • PS4 Dualshock controllers, various colours (each listed seperately) for £34.99

Oh, yes. They are on high discounts too. So, get them all!

If you are already on a great console but would like some accessories and new controllers, this Black Friday 2018 is the best time for you. Get your hands on some of the best STEALS OF BLACK FRIDAY 2018!

Planning on getting the PlayStation VR?

Well, this is the right time. Get the biggest PlayStation VR Black Friday deals and save up to 80% on the original price. PS4 VR Black Friday offers are the biggest this year! Don’t miss out!

The best PlayStation VR Black Friday deals are right down below, get them before they expire! And, don’t forget to check out some more PlayStation 4 Bundle deals.

You can get a lot in so less with these Black Friday deals!

  • PSVR with headset, camera, PSVR Worlds and Skyrim VR for £239.99
  • PS4 Dualshock controllers, various colours for £37.99
  • PS4 Dualshock controllers, various colours (each listed seperately) for £34.99



  •  🏆 AMAZON UK


Amazon has always been on the top at giving out the best PS4 Black Friday deals. So, if you are planning on buying the console, do not miss out on the PS4 Pro Black Friday UK deals.  These deals include PlayStation 4 Bundle Deals. PS4 Bundle deals can make you save a lot.

Amazon is the one stop shop of the best deals, especially on consoles so when the day hits, PS4 Slim Black Friday lightening deals hit too. These lightening deals will only be available for a limited amount of time and the stocks run out fast. Not only consoles, the deals here are on everything!

Check out the PS4 games Black Friday 2018 and get ,Upto 80% discounts. Remember, if you are buying big games like FIFA 19 or Destiny 2, etc, take a look at the bundle deals as well.

The PS4 FIFA bundle deals can save you a lot. Also, there would be heavy discounts on FIFA 18 Black Friday deals and FIFA 17 bundle deals, if you are planning to buy them.


  • 🏆 ARGOS

The deals here are as awesome as they can be. You will find yourself saving more than you ever did. 

60-80% off on PS4 console, black Friday deals are here for you!


The best time to get the best of deals here at Argos, especially the PS4 Pro Black Friday deals & PS4 games black Friday deals is 3 am-4 am on 23rd November. The PS4 Black Friday will give you every reason to get these deals and save big time! They are the biggest seller of PS4 black Friday and there every reason for this.

Don’t forget to check out the deals on PS4 games. The PS4 games Black Friday is hitting a new level of discount. You can get cash rewards and with Argos Card, you can even choose to pay later. 

Black Friday PS4 deals UK are already here! Check them out. The biggest deals, the biggest sellers. Do not miss out on any. 

Get the best of PS4 Black Friday!

  • 🏆TESCO

Another place to get the most amazing deals is Tesco. From PS4 Black Friday deals to bundle packages that can save you a lot, TESCO has you covered. 

The PS4 Pro Black Friday last year was quoted at £199 and we expect it to drop further this year.

But the best buys form Tesco would be from the best PS4 games deal black Friday will hit.
PS4 FIFA 19 bundle deals and games like Destiny 2, OD WW2 (£36), Wolfenstein 2 (£20), Prey (£10), and The Evil Within 2 (£20) and many more are yet to be revealed.

The PlayStation 4 Bundle deals are hot! Don’t forget to check them out.

Black Friday PS4 Deals UK will include PS4 Pro with FIFA 19 at just £199. This is straight up a 60% off on the official price.

  • 🏆Ebay UK

Get more than 70% discount with PS4 Pro along with Red Dead Redemption 2 at just £199.

Ebay UK will feature some of the greatest PS4 Black Friday deals and you need to get your hands on them before they run out of stock. Not only this, the PS4 games Black Friday Deals are just as amazing.

You can even get a Playstation VR black Friday deal of discount up to 80%. The PS4 Slim Black Friday deals are not to be neglected too.

The deals are actually the cheapest PS4 deal you can ever get.

  • 🏆AO.COM

AO will again rule the PS4 Black Friday deals this winter!

You can get a PS4 500GB Slim console with FIFA 18, Destiny 2, GT Sport, Knowledge is Power, an extra controller and 3 months of PS Plus at £249.99. I mean what more do you want?

The deals close up and stock out fast, so you need to be faster in order to steal these PS4 Black Friday deals. The PS4 Games Black friday deals are as low as £20 for the most amazing games.

Get your hand on controllers too. Upto 80% off on controllers and if you are going for the PS4 Bundle Black Friday, AO will amaze you with its insane prices.


  • 🏆ZAVVI

Bag these amazing PS4 Black Friday deals at Zavvi and save up.

With amazing bundle deals and PlayStation 4 black Friday offers, Zavvi has become one of the best places to loot. The PS4 Console Black Friday Deals are as low as £199 for a PS4 Pro 500 GB. The bundle deals can get you enough saving for the entire year. Think no more, just hit Zavvi.

The best Black Friday 2018 deals are here.


  • 🏆GAME

If you are looking for the cheapest Xbox deals and the greatest bundle offers, GAME is here for you.

 Get an Xbox One S 500GB console with Rocket League, COD WW2 and a NOW TV subscription at just £199.99 on GAME. Now, that is what we call a DEAL! Xbox One Black Friday deals are as awesome as they can be. You can get your hands on some of the best deals on the Black Friday 2018.

THIS WOULD BE A HAUL! The XBOX One Black Friday UK deals are not to be missed out on Game.
Get up to 80% discount with gift cards and reward points.

So, keep your eye for the biggest deal!


Don’t worry if you miss out on a good Black Friday 2018 deal.


Amazon, Zavvi, GameSpot, and many others will throw up some more amazing PS4 Cyber Monday 2018 deals and you can loot them then.

If you lost out on some great deals on PS4 On Black Friday, here is your chance to win everything back! 

The deals will be as amazing as they were on Black Friday 2018, or maybe better. The best deals will include PS4 Bundle deals and PS4 game deals with heavy discounts.

Cyber Monday PS4 consoles especially the PS4 Pro will hit a new low on prices on prices. The PSVR deals on Cyber Monday 2018 are on fire! The discounts can be up to 80%. If you are planning an upgrade to the PS4, this PS4 Cyber Monday Deals will get you caught in amazement.

  • Amazon UK deals will set fire on PS4 Cyber Monday deals. The PS4 Amazon deals will include the best bundle deals of Cyber Monday.
  • Apart from this Argos Cyber Monday deals will include the lowest prices on the greatest consoles and game deals including newly released and limited-edition games. 
  •  Zavvi is no less in offering all the fire deals this Cyber Monday 2018. With Xbox Cyber Monday deals on Zavvi you can save a lot for the Christmas season. From TV sets to PlayStation 4 bundle deals, Zavvi is hitting a new ground in providing the best deals of the year.
  • Currys is yet another place to find heavy discounts and other amazing PS4 Cyber Monday deals. Currys deals may seem similar to others but the deals are a lot vaster than they look at Currys. The PS4 bundle deals along with gaming accessories and gift cards will make you go for it in one shot.
  • Other websites like Tesco, Game, GameSpot are some more sites where you can bag some insane discounts. Make this Cyber Monday PS4 worthy.

Think no more because this is your last chance to get your hands on these crazy discounts. Thinking about PSVR?

Your chance is here.

The best PSVR deals on Cyber Monday are getting hotter and hotter. Check out the best PS4 Deals on Cyber Monday 2018.

Don’t forget to miss them now.


  • How much does a PS4 cost on Black Friday?

It depends on different sites and the discount they are offering and/or the PS4 Bundle deals but it will approximately cost you: 

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB for $199.99 plus $50 GameStop gift card (usually $299.99) Sony PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport bundle for $299.99 (usually $399.99)

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  • Should I buy a PlayStation 4 Pro or wait for Black Friday?

Wait for Black Friday. You can save a lot on the PS4 Console.

  • What is the best time to get best deals on Black Friday?

 The deals start from 12 midnight on 23rd November. The best time to hit the online stores will be between 12 am –4 am.

  • How much is PS4 on Black Friday at Walmart?

Around £199.

  • Who won at Black Friday sale, Xbox or PlayStation 4?

Nobody won as such but looking at the sales figures of different online stores altogether, PlayStation $ were sold in higher quantity on the Black Friday Sale.

  • Where to find best deals on Black Friday?

 Amazon UK Black friday Deals are amazing. Others include GAME, Tesco, Currys, Very, Ebay UK,, Argos, etc.

  • How much is Nintendo Switch on Black Friday?

Around  £215.

  • How much is PS4 on Cyber Monday?

Depending on your deal or PS4 Bundle Deal, it can cost around £199.

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Black Friday is around the Corner and you need to be up and prepared for it, for the best deals can slip away easy. The best deals are featured here live. So, you can access them easily and load up before the stocks run out.

The PS4 Black Friday UK deals are a total haul for gamers and if you are one too, don’t forget to avail them.

And, don’t panic, even if you did. PS4 Cyber Monday deals are here to cover up for you. The deals are hitting a new low and with heavy discounts you will be buying a lot more but remember to count on the amount you will save all this time.

Take out your credit card right away and bag the deal before it slips out! The best PS4 Game Deals are here.

Where are you?





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