Fortnite PS4| Xbox One| Nintendo Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2018

Fortnite PS4| Xbox One| Nintendo Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2018
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What is so great about Fortnite Black Friday deals?

Read this and then tell me what is not!


Since its release, Fortnite has taken over the gaming industry with a blow. Everyone is an addict of this game now.

And why wouldn’t they be? The game is that level of awesome.

But something that is even more awesome is the Fortnite Black Friday deals you’ll be getting this holiday season.

Yes. For all those who have been desperately saving to buy Fortnite, here is your chance to keep a little from those savings too.

The stores will be flashing the cheapest Fortnite Black Friday deals and you are to grab them all.

And, if you are planning to buy a whole new console, say PS4, Xbox or Switch, the Fornite Black Friday bundle deal along with PS4, Xbox or Switch with more than 100 off will be the best deal you can ever have!

And you already know how amazingly fun this game is, this holiday season you can own it without having to dig a hole into your pocket.

But, this is just a brief.

The real deal is down here.



While each online store competes to offer you the best of the Fortnite Black Friday Deals, the best is still the best.

In the US, Kohl’s is expected to throw a heavy discount on this 2017 release and combine bundle deals of Fortnite with other 2017 best sellers. So, if you are looking to buy the games you couldn’t manage to buy so far, here is your guide to getting everything!

The best deals that will be featured on Black Friday 2018 will include the biggest gaming brands hitting high discounts.

Here is how the Fornite deals are expected to look like this Black Friday 2018.

For all of you who are planning to get a new console this Black Friday 2018, the deals are perfect for you.
You can get a Fornite PS4 Black Friday Console bundle deal with up to 100 off. On bonus, if you go to online retailers like Amazon, Game, Kohl’s, etc you may get a chance to win some amazing Cashback offers and/or Gift Cards.

And the deals are not limited to just PS4 consoles. We will be seeing some high discounted Fortnite Xbox Black Friday Console bundle deal along with an extra controller for up to 100 off. Amazon, Argos, GameStop, Currys, Kohl’s and Game are expected to come out of with the same kind of deals but comparing and choosing the best will be a big saver!

Don’t worry about that, come back here on Black Friday 2018 and find all the deals live here from all the different stores. We would recommend subscribing for alerts so you never miss any deal while the go live.

You can compare all the deals here under one web address and grab the ones that suit your budget the best!

The deals on the single game for Fortnite will again see a price cut of 10-15 off on the actual price. So, while the game is 59.99 for the Limited edition pack and 49.99 for Deluxe edition, you can expect to get it in and around 40 on the Fortnite PS4 Black Friday Sale.

While for the Xbox Fortnite will cost you a good 40 to 50, you can get it with 20 off on the Black Friday sale.




To get the best deals, you need to know where to find them.

Fornite Black Friday Sale opens up and the stocks are out in seconds. The best thing to do is to plan and research things out one step ahead.


AMAZON is set to come up with heavy discounts on Fortnite Xbox Black Friday deals including cashback offers. The Fortnite Limited Edition founders pack can be brought down to 30-40 which is originally 60 right now. Other packs including Deluxe and Super Deluxe will be offering similar discounts.

Kohl’s and GAME will be featuring a lot of Fornite Black Friday Bundle deals and these will include Fortnite Xbox Black Friday Console, Fortnite PS4 Black Friday Console at prices with 100 off. These are expected to become one of the cheapest deals so far.

Other stores like GameStop, Argos, Currys, Tesco, etc will throw out some combo offers at Fortnite Black Friday sale including other 2017 best sellers like FIFA 18.




Because it will be your savior this season!

Yes. This is true that Cyber Monday sale profits are bigger than Black Friday and there is a perfect reason for it.

The traffic increases and so, to compete with each other, each retailer throws out a bigger discount.

This will work the best for Fortnite because the prices will be lower than what you saw on Black Friday



Comparing to last year, we can expect the deals to flash out with the greatest discounts on Fortnite PS4 Black Friday sale with bundle deals and combo offers. The Fortnite Xbox Black Friday sale at Game will catch your eye with around £10-£15 off on the actual price. You will also be able to grab your hands on some pretty amazing cash rewards, gift cards, and cashback offers. 

And this doesn’t end here. 

The deals on PS4 Black Friday Sale comes along with a lot of offers on Fortnite alongside. So, if you are planning to buy a new PS4 console, don’t forget considering Fortnite PS4 Black Friday bundle deals. 











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