far cry 5 trailer, release

😍 Far Cry 5 Trailer , Release date, News and Rumors 🎮

😍 Far Cry 5 Trailer , Release date, News and Rumors 🎮
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The trailer to the next Far Cry is out already and it left us all in great curiosity about the highly buzzed game.

Although the full description is kept a secret for the E3, fans have already created a lot of theories and the air is filled with rumors of all kind.

Haven’t watched the trailer yet?

Don’t worry, watch it here!


Set in the beautiful western countryside Hope County, Montana the trailer starts with the peaceful town locations- farms, beautiful forests, church, and BANG! Far Cry starts now!

The story revolves around the town, Hope County, which is taken over by a radical preacher, Joseph Seed, who is here to protect the people of the town from, what we assume from the trailer, the end of the world. The leader, or as they call him, The Father had established deep roots in the town, forming a cult called “Eden’s Gate”. And willing or unwilling you have to join Eden’s Garden. Those who join are welcomed; others are killed or forcefully admitted.

You will take up the role of a sheriff’s deputy to take down the religious cult and free the residents of the town. So technically, you are up against The Father and his children.

The father is assisted by his children, called the Herald which includes a lawyer who has taken over most of the town’s land for Eden’s Gate and a pacifist who preaches and pursues people to believe in her father. Both violence and coercion are blended perfectly to bring people to join the cult.

The purpose of the cult is to prepare for an inevitable collapse of the world and protect its people while your purpose of the game is to break the influence of the cult over the town and take down Joseph Seed.

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While most of the characters of the game are still kept in the dark, we do know about three.

Pastor Jerome Jeffries, a local church leader, who is thrown out of the church by Eden’s Garden. We can even see him the trailer as a Black man, sitting on the stairs. Seeing the town being smudged with violence and hostility, he is here to fight down the cult by your side.

Another one is a bartender, Mary May, a young, pretty lady who led a normal life until her father was killed by the cult. Holding on to herself she is here to fight back and take revenge of her gather’s murder.

And then there is Nick Rye, a pilot. Coming from a military family background, he is here to cut out the influence of the cult from the town for a better future of his children.

Although we don’t know for sure whether these characters will be on our side in the fight or just some quest giver side characters, they will surely not be a part of the other side for sure and come out as a bit of help through the game.


Not entirely, we would say but Far Cry 5 will have some new features that are never seen before in Far Cry series. You can choose to play as a man or a woman and even pick your skin color and its appearance. A new range of weapons including pitchforks, pistols, rocket launchers, baseball bats and more are also introduced making the game even spicier.

The character details of The Father is also vague for now, but we do know he isn’t some madman leading the island or taking over the Himalayas. Rather, he seems moreover sophisticated psychopath who believes he has been chosen for a purpose, a purpose of saving his people form the end of the world. He is going to serve his purpose no matter how much blood is shed on the way. The antagonists are always the highlight of Far Cry-interesting personality and one to be afraid of. Although we don’t know much about the villain yet, we do know that he will be the one to give us goosebumps

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The vehicles that the player can use in the open world will range from muscle cars to planes and ATVs and more. You can even recruit locals to support you in fighting aginst the cult. Though we still don’t know how this recruitment system will work, this would still be a major change in the gameplay. Like the Primal, you can also tame wild animals that can fight for you and take your orders. Derived from this, the game will also be featuring a dog which will fight along your side, cutting down throats and bringing you weapons. You can fly planes, drive iconic muscle cars, boats and much more. The game also offers you to play in an entirely two-player co-op mode.

The new Far Cry will give you some real anxiety and goose bumps while engaging you in it. The game is inspired by real-world situations, says Hay the director of the game. Religious extremist and their cult’s hostile takeover in towns in the name of religion will be something we all will look forward to in the next Far Cry.

Giving us all the new thrills, the game will be releasing on February 27, 2018, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

So, are you excited?

Let us know in comments what you feel about the game, your theories, and assumption…

Stay tuned for more!


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