Latest and Emerging Technologies that will Change the Gaming Industry

Emerging Technologies in gaming

As we are living in 2020, we can not keep ourselves away from technology. It is keep coming in front of us in any from whether it is your smartphone or smartpen.

Technology is changing every industry on the earth from mobile to the airline industry, and these industries are welcoming the latest and emerging technology with open arms. Because they know it very well how integrating technologies in their business can scale up their business really fast.

But we are not going to look at every industry, rather we are going to talk about the gaming industry. That how these latest and emerging technologies are changing the gaming industry so fast. Because if you compare the games which were developed one or two decades ago, then you’ll find how insanely technology changed the gaming industry. Whether you talk about graphics, gaming experience or revenue growth, etc.

If you look at the game’s graphics nowadays, then you can see how realistic graphics games provide us, I mean you might be confused between the gaming world and the real world. If we talk about the revenue growth then in 2009 this industry generated more than $10.5 billion and last year in 2019 this industry has become a $120 billion ( According to a report of Superdata ) industry.

That is why many big companies like Google, Microsoft, Sony are constantly investing their time and money in the gaming industry. According to the latest report from GlobalData, By 2025 this industry can be a $300 billion industry.

So now I am going to talk about the upcoming technologies that can change the face of the gaming industry soon. So without any further due let’s get started!

7+ Upcoming Technologies That Can Change the Face of the Gaming Industry

  • Cloud Gaming
  • Virtual Reality
  • Facial Recognition
  • Augmented Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Voice Recognition
  • Blockchain

1. Cloud Gaming

First on our list is cloud gaming and honestly, speaking Cloud gaming is a revolutionary technology that can help the game industry to make games as easily accessible for professional gamers or normal game users as we are able to access Movies and songs.

So, what basically this cloud gaming does, it helps you to enhance the speed and quality of your game with little investment. Because it boosts the power of your PC or console processor disc that helps to give a boost to the speed and quality of your game. You just need to purchase a subscription from a cloud gaming service provider.

Two major benefits of using cloud gaming are you don’t need to keep big PCs and Console with your everywhere to play a game, you’ll just need a touch-screen device with a decent internet connection and that it. The second benefit of using cloud gaming is, you don’t have to put your money in purchasing new hardware every year.

One more benefit cloud gaming promises is that You can save your game at any point and then after some time or wherever you want to continue the game you can do it easily. Because it saves the data into its powerful servers.

2. Virtual Reality

Have you ever think about living in a 3D or gaming world for some time. If yes then you can give a shot to play VR ( Virtual Reality ). This portable and easy to use device can help you to escape the real world for 30-45 minutes and you can enjoy in the gaming world.

But honestly, this idea of using VR sets in gaming is still under construction. Because there are still some issues, which should be solved by the tech companies. If I talk about the issues then currently, the VR sets and other accessories like glove holder and bodysuit weight more than a pound. And when you wear these VR sets it doesn’t fit well with your face sometimes.

If you remember then I said before that you can use it for 30-45 minutes and escape the real world because after like 30-45 minutes the VR sets start to make your head sweaty and sap your energy. Currently, many Tech companies are working towards making these sets more user-friendly and once they are done, they will launch sets in the market for almost all games.

3. Facial Recognition

Now we are on the third emerging technology for the gaming world and we named it ” Facial Recognition and 3D or third-dimension scanning”. So the technology lets you create a character in a game whose face and facial expression looks just like you. And all of this happens because of the intel real sense 3D camera, it adapts your expression and emotion by working more than 77 points on your face. Let me give you an example to make it more clear.

You may have seen in many games that there is a character that looks similar to your favorite superstar and their facial expression is just like them. you can take an example of a WWE game where you see the rock doing the same moves and face expression like the real rock. that happens because the game creator used facial recognition and 3D scanning.

So now you know what is facial recognition technology?. Next time when you are playing a game with your friends that uses facial recognition technology, you can explain it to them how this technology works? and make your respect among them.

4. Augmented Reality

This word “Augmented Reality or AR” was first used in 1990, when a bunch of Boeing plants company engineers trying to visualize wiring instructions using AR headsets, and the result that come out with this experiment was revolutionary. It is been almost two decades now, and since 1990 AR has improved and become much affordable and sophisticated technology.

Nowadays, because you can access AR technology using smartphones and other devices. Many big companies like Apple ( ARKit ), Google ( ARCore ) have their own products that you can access with any average smartphone. That is the reason why this technology is becoming one of the most popular technologies around the globe.

If I explain to you AR in one line then, “AR is a way that can be used by designers to enhance areas of game user physical world with computer-generated input.”

A game that can be the best example of an AR app is Pokemon Go. This game uses the gyroscope, clock, camera, and GPS, all of this helps to enable a location-based AR environment.

If you can remember then, you have to travel place to place to capture a pokemon, when you tap on the touchscreen it brings up the capture display. And then you throw a pokemon ball to capture the pokemon. All of this happened because of Argument Reality ( AR ).

5. Artificial Intelligence

In the gaming industry, the majority of games are powered by Al. whether it’s a car racing game or strategy game. You’ll always find that they all have various segments that are fueled by AI. Let me give you a few examples then look at the bots you see in the battle royale games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire these bots are powered by Artificial Intelligence. The idea of using AI for the gaming industry has been expressed a decade ago now.

GTA’s first version is another great example, if you have ever played it then you should have seen these innocent auto or car drivers from which your character steals the vehicle. These are some non-player characters (NPC), these NPCs do nothing except to provide you the information you’ll need in the game. NCPs are nothing but the creation of AI, So on the basis of all this, we can say that the relation between AI and Gaming is pretty old.

6. Voice Recognition

So now we are going to talk about our sixth technology and that is “Voice Recognition”. If you ever wish or thought that I could use my game console using my voice then Voice Recognition is the answer for you. A good example of it is google voice search. where you have to touch the mice icon and then tell Google what you want to search.

But this technology is a little bit more advanced than that. You can fully control your computer, you can turn on and off your console, you can control gameplay, play selections from the media library, and many more just by using your voice, and you don’t have to touch anything. Means your system will work as your servant.

7. Blockchain

Using Blockchain technology can help to send money to your friends or family in any corner of the world within few minutes that takes banks 2 to 3 days and it also brings full transparency for all the digital or online payments done by you.

And in technical terms, we can say that Block-chain is nothing but a technology that helps to store one P2P ( person-to-person ) transaction details and data in a public or private database.

But wait! do you know why all call it blockchain?. So here the block means the piece of information like name, age, date and time of a transaction, etc. And the chain refers to a public or private database.

This piece of information stores on thousands of servers globally, That makes it difficult or next to impossible to hack by hackers, because if a hacker wants to hack the blockchain, then they have to hack thousands of computers and servers at the same time.

Now you might be thinking that how it will help in the gaming industry, then it will make in-app or in-game purchases more secure.