Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 PS4, Xbox One Black Friday| Cyber Monday 2018

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 PS4, Xbox One Black Friday| Cyber Monday 2018

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 PS4, Xbox One Black Friday| Cyber Monday 2018
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Huge price cuts on Black Ops 4 PS4 Black Friday deals! 

The wait for Black Friday will all be worth it, trust us.

 Call of Duty is here with yet another benchmark game, Black Ops 4 and it is no doubt taking Call of Duty on to the next level! 

Looking at the price of around 50 pounds, you would cringe a too.  

But, then again, it is the BLACK OPS 4 and for all you gaming enthusiasts, spending that much isn’t that much. 

Or is it? 

Well, our advice is why spend so much if you can save SO MUCH? 

Yes, we are talking about BLACK FRIDAY 2018

Black Friday is just around the corner and with online stores like Amazon, Game, Argos, Kohl’s and more shaking down their prices, getting your hands on the Black Ops 4 Black Friday deal is TOTALLY WORTH IT




Although being so damn popular, there is no need for an introduction but when we said that Black Ops 4 is taking the Call of Duty series to the next level, there was a reason. 

The game stands apart from the rest of its series members on the grounds of Black Ops 4 being a more “replay-able game”. This means that rather being a linear, story-based game, you can now select modes which will be saved forever and you can even come back and play them again! 

The game allows you to have 10 Specialists to choose from including some from the previous games and a few new. 

Another amazing thing about the Black Ops 4 will be that it is going to be Battle Royale with its BlackOut Mode with the biggest map ever of the whole series. 

The modes are as thrilling as they can be.  

You can’t deny it; Black Ops 4 will be fire! 


Since, now, you are so desperate to get it, hold your horses. 

The big deals are yet to come! 




Taking in the huge open of the Black Ops 4 sale, the Black Friday 2018 will see some significantly heavy discounts on the Black Ops 4 PS4 and Black Friday Xbox versions on a number of online stores including Amazon UK and US, Kohl’s in US, Game, GameStop, Argos, Currys and a lot more. 

Planning to get a new PS4 console, here are the best PS4 Black Friday Deals you can get this year!

And, no worries, if your plan is about an Xbox, check out these amazing Xbox Black Friday Deals!

Here is a list of the best stores to get the best Black Ops 4 Black Friday Deals. 

In UK, 


In the US, 

  • Amazon US 
  • Kohl’s 
  • Game 
  • GameStop 
  • Walmart 
  • Toys “R” US 
  • Target 
  • Best Buys 



In US, watch for the combo deals where can buy three Call of Duty series games and get the huge discounts on this pack. 

Kohl’s will be providing free gift cards and Kohl’s Cash for almost all your shopping at Kohl’s, so keep collecting to save big! 
Best Buy, Walmart and Target are not too far behind and you can expect to see some huge discounts on Black Ops PS4 Black Friday deals. 

Game and GameStop will be here with the greatest combo deals on Black Ops PS4 Black Friday Sale and some more ‘best-selling’ games. If you are planning to buy two or more copies of the Black Ops 4 PS4, you can get amazing discount on that too! So, get your friends and buy them together! 


In UK, Amazon UK will feature some of the ‘never-seen-before’ discounts on Black Ops 4 PS4 Black Friday Sale. Some of their Black Ops 4 Black Friday Deals will be features in as “lightening deals” to be availed only on select hours during the whole Black Friday Sale. 

Other leading stores that are expected to flash the greatest discounts on the Black Ops 4 PS4 Black Friday deals including Black Ops 4 Xbox Black Friday deals will be Argos, Curry, Zavvi and Tesco which will probably publish their Black Friday ad previews a week or two ahead of the actual sale.  

Overall, the wait for Black Ops 4 Black Friday sale will be all worth it. Not only you can take home this amazing game with some even more amazing discount, you can win a lot of cash cards and rewards too.  

The Black Ops 4 Black Friday Sale is a WIN-WIN! 









Oh, don’t worry if you missed out on all the Black Ops PS4 Black Friday deals or were too late to get the Black Ops Xbox Black Friday deals. 

Cyber Monday is here to save your ass. 

The Black Ops 4 Cyber Monday deals can go way higher than those seen on Black Friday. 

With increasing competition, each retailer stack down their prices on a new low in order to increase sale. 

Works well for us! 

From Amazon slashing down the prices on the newly released Black Ops 4 Cyber Monday can be a bliss for you.  

And don’t worry. Cyber Monday will go out for more than a week this year. So, grab the best Black Ops4 Cyber Monday deals for your PS4 and Xbox to save BIG this holiday season. 


How low? 

The prices are yet to be revealed by the stores but you can expect more than 10 pounds on the Black Ops 4 PS4 Cyber Monday deals and possibly get a Black Ops 4 Cyber Monday Deal at 29.99 pounds. 

These prices will be coming out soon and to keep an eye on the Black Ops 4 Cyber Monday Deals, keep in touch with us. 

Before the deals come out officially, we would update them here. So, you can be the first to know what. 

And, one thing is for sure. The deals will be hot and spicy on new released like Black Ops 4 PS4, Xbox and more. 

Don’t miss out. 

Stay tuned for more!