5 Best Operating Systems For Gaming 2020, You Must Try

Best Operating Systems for gaming

As a die heart fan of gaming, I always worried about buying the best. I mean I always try to buy the best gaming devices possible to enhance my gaming experience.

A year ago, when my old gaming PC starts giving me problems like lagging, speed issue, and many more.

Then I decide to buy a new gaming computer for myself, but after buying a new one. A big or should I say hug confusion came in my way. I was confused that which operating system should I use for gaming. because the one, I was using wasn’t that good. 

To find out which operating system would be the best for my gaming PC, I went on google and searched “Best Operating systems for Gaming”.

Many articles fall on the window, I went through almost 20-25 articles to find out which would be the best operating system for my gaming pc. It took me almost 1 month to get that one OS I wanted. 

But later on, I felt there might be many people like who are suffering from the same problem as me. Because most people know very well which gaming computer would best for them. But when it comes to OS ( Operating System ) they overlook it, which bad.

because if you use the right operating system, it can provide you the best gaming experience and how well your game will run in the PC also depends on the OS. 

And if you are a serious gamer or a streamer, then using a good OS is kind of a must for you, now stay tuned to this article. Because, in this article, we are going over the 5 best-operating systems for gaming 2020. So without any further due let’s get started!

What is an Operating System?

what is it
what is it

So in simple words, An operating system or OS works as a translater between you and your computer. Because whenever you perform any action on your PC, the PC doesn’t understand what you have don’t until the operating system tells the PC.

In more simple words, the OS knows the language of the computer and it also understands what you do on the computer. So whenever you try to open your chrome browser or want to run a game on your PC.

The OS tells the computer what the end-user is trying to do and then the computer runs that task on the screen.

Now for technical lovers, you can say, An OS is a software that works as an interface for the computer hardware and end-user. The task you try to perform make use of this OS by requesting for a service by a specified API ( Application Program Interface ).

Also, a user can use the UI ( User Interface ) to directly interact with the operating system like GUI ( Graphical User Interface ), or CLI ( Command-Line Interface ).

An operating system is a must-have thing for every computer. Using a smartphone or computer without an OS is not possible.

Top 5 Best Operating System For Gaming 2020

  1. Linux
  2. MacOS
  3. Windows 10
  4. Windows 8
  5. Chrome OS

1. Linux

So talking about the first OS on our list is known as Linux. It is an OS ( Open-Source ) kind of OS ( Operating System ), it’s a choice of many PC users worldwide because it provides more security to your PC.

Using Linux can unlock more than 6,000 games that you can download or buy from Steam.

If you are someone who likes to customize things according to your style then Linux is definitely for you, because it comes with tons of customizations opportunity.

If you want to spend your money on the buying of the other parts of your computer instead of OS, but still want that high-end gaming experience then Linux can be a perfect choice.

But on the other hand, I want to say Linux is not totally perfect and fits with all the areas. It also has some downfall too.

If we talk about its performance then it works 40% slower than the windows 10 OS and the number drops to 20% slower for Windows 8 or 7.

The reason behind its slow speed is when you run Windows games on the Linux OS it uses middleman software to run it, that what makes it slower.

In the end, all I want to say is if you were a Mac OS or Windows OS users then using Linux can be a headache in the beginning, but as you keep on using it. It might become your favorite.


  1. Open-source OS
  2. More customizations
  3. More Secure and Stable
  4. Cost-effective


  1. Not good performance
  2. Speed is slow
  3. Lack of Compatibility

2. MacOS

Talking about the Mac OS then it comes with every product you buy from the Apple store. This OS Mojave is an updated version of the previous OS version Catalina.

Mojave OS is a more secure and more modern series for the Mac OS.

There are many reasons behind the popularity of Mac OS are, it has stunning visuals & graphics, It’s very secure and safe when you are browsing on the internet and virus attacks, and Apple is a brand.

You can run games on the Mac OS such as Minecraft, Diablo III, Fortnite, and LOL ( League of Legends ).

A downfall that comes with this OS is, it doesn’t give good support from the game creator to create games that run on the OS that isn’t Windows.

Honestly speaking, Mac OS is not that good comparatively windows, because Apple mainly focuses on mobile gaming and it uses different hardware. So if you are playing a PC game on the Mac then it is totally fine to suffer from a game slow down.


  1. Graphics and visuals are amazing
  2. More secure from viruses
  3. It is easy to use


  1. Cost is high
  2. Not good for PC Games
  3. Using high graphics decreases performance
  4. Fewer games options

3. Windows 10

Windows 10 is an upgraded product of Microsoft. Windows 10 operating system is the most used and popular OS among the users globally. The main reason that makes this OS so popular is its support and user-friendliness.

I mean the Windows 10 OS supports almost all PC games out there and also it provides you some exclusive games that you won’t see on any other game operating system.

This OS also has direct X12, this direct X12 helps to run the games and it is the most updated version of the Microsoft platform.

Now talking about some downfalls of Windows 10, because every OS has some. first, it is a little bit weak when it comes to internet platforms and online gaming. Second is, it doesn’t welly support the old version of games.

My personal favorite reason for loving the windows 10 OS is, it provides more than 20,000 games to play. Some of them are Gears 5, Age of Empires II, The Outer Worlds, and Wasteland 3.


  1. Great performance
  2. More Stable
  3. Compatibility of future
  4. More options in games
  5. More user-friendly


  1. Less virus protection compare to MacOS
  2. You can face security issues
  3. Weak with online gaming and internet platforms

4. Windows 8

The next OS on our list is a close competitor of Windows 10, this competitor is known as Windows 8. No doubt Windows 8 and Windows 10 have a close competition but Windows 10 performs quite better than Windows 8.

Now talk more about the Windows 8 OS, then you can run more than 20,000 types of PC games on this OS. It gives performance and compatibility close to the windows 10 operating system.

This OS is very stable and features wide-ranging. It is also a perfect driver for whole hardware. But, games that use DOS ( Disk Operating System ) need some additional software to run more effectively.

A downfall of this OS is, you won’t be able to play and enjoy new games that are created for windows 10.


  • Stable like Windows 10
  • More than 20,000 available to play
  • More user-friendly
  • Really easy-to-customize


  1. It is not going to use in the future
  2. You need some additional software to run DOS-based games
  3. It has hardware investments

5. Chrome OS

So we have reached the fifth operating system on our list, it is known as Chrome OS. As it is the product of Google then you can easily rely on this OS. It is one of the most popular operating systems for gaming laptops.

All the chrome and android apps are power by this operating system, for its principal user-interface it uses a chrome web browser. For people who are looking for live streaming laptops, should give this OS a try.

You can easily run a Linux application on Chrome OS. If we talk about the storage and other stuff, then for storage you can rely on Google drive, it updates automatically and most important you don’t need any antivirus.

Talk about the price range for this OS then you can buy it from $200 to $300.


  1. It is a lightweight and secure operating system
  2. It is a browser-based simple OS
  3. Storage and software updates are fully automatic
  4. Price is low


  1. Compatibility issue
  2. Need stable and heavy internet connection
  3. Don’t support powerful GP ( Graphic Processor )

The Final words

I have mentioned the 5 best operating systems for gaming available in the market and gave you the best possible information I could, now it totally depends on you which one would you choose.

If you ask me then, I would recommend you to use Windows 10 as it is dedicated build for PC gaming and also you will have more game options plus some exclusive ones.

Now I hope after reading this article you will get the answer of which OS would be the best choice for our Gaming PC.

If anyone of you is going to start a new career in gaming as a gamer then my best wishes are with you. Go and Achieve.