Augmented Reality Explained: What is it, Impact on gaming, How does it work and Much More

AR Explained

As we all know that the gaming industry is growing like crazy and the main reason behind its growth, integrating future technology whether it is Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Facial Recognition, etc.

But in the article, we will talk about Augmented Reality or AR. How does it work, what is it, advantages or disadvantages for the gaming industry. 

The basic description is “Augmented Reality helps users to experience the audio content and game visuals in their real-time environment.” Now some of you might say, don’t you think it is like VR, then my answer would be not completely.

Because the VR or Virtual Reality helps to create a total virtual world or an artificial world. But the AR is giving you the experience of game visuals in the real environment, Pokemon is a perfect game for explaining the AR. Because if you have ever played the game, then you can understand what I am trying to say here.

Another good example would be the Google AR glasses, which was introduced by Google on April 15, 2013. It uses small projectors to display images, videos on your lens. You can also easily control it with your voice. Being honest, AR is not for all games.

If you want to gamify your surrendered environment, then AR is perfect. You don’t have to purchase or spend thousand and thousands of bucks on some special kind of device to play AR games. You can play them easily on your smartphones, tablets, etc.

Now the gaming industry is not only the industry that is using AR, but there are industries such as telecommunications, retail, utilities, logistics, and manufacturing that are adopting this technology for many types of uses. Let’s go further and learn more about Augmented Reality.

What is Augmented Reality?

what is it
what is it

So before talking about what is AR?. Let’s dive a little bit into the history of Augmented Reality. Many people believe that the first use of AR technology was in 1990 for military and TV. But that is wrong the AR idea was introduced in 1968 by Ivan Sutherland and Bob Sproull.

They created the first HMD ( Head-Mounted Display) ” The sword of Damocles”, But that was not that perfect device to use. Now since the internet came into the world and smartphones came into the market. You can by yourself how fast this AR is growing and how powerful it has become, currently is mostly focuses on the interactive concept.

Now let’s talk about what is AR?. As I explained before that AR helps you to experience the visuals of video games in real-time, these visuals or objects that reside in your real-world are basically enhanced by CGPI ( Computer Generated Perceptual Information).

You can describe the Augmented Reality as some kind of system that has basic features such as perfect 3D or third dimension registration of Real and Virtual Objects, The interaction of real-time, helps to connect the virtual and real world

How does it work?

How does it works?
How does it works?

So let’s go and find out what is the answer of “How does AR works?”. But Before I’ll tell you the proper answer, there is something I want to disclose. I am going to give the answer to this question in two different ways, First one would short for those people who don’t want to read the whole step by step process, and the second one would long answer in which I would define the whole process step by step. So let’s go.

AR uses computer vision, mapping, depth tracking, and SI ( Simultaneous Localization ), all this process lets the camera to do CSP ( Collect, send, and Process ) to show data on the end-users screen. To make it more simple let’s look at an example.

Suppose that you are going to the mall and for navigation, you are using AR. First, the camera on your phone will take some photos for computer vision to process the objects and location, and then it will recognize the location and objects. Now every time you hold your phone camera before the mapped location the program will put labels onto the surface. Now let’s see AR working step by step.

To start the AR process you will need a scanning mode camera. Now, to use an AR-based app, you need to point the scanning mode camera at different areas and objects so that it can create and save a database of different types of object shapes and areas of the place. Now if you point the camera again to the object, which you just captured through scanning camera and saved it in the database. AR will create a digital object at the place of that physical object.

There is a term which uses in the AR-based software and the name of the term is “teething Issue”. So the meaning of this term is when an ARdeveloper uses tons of underlaying algorithms and the software has to recognize thousands and thousands of different images or objects, it starts showing teething error sometimes.

AR is currently using in many popular things like the Pokemon Go game, Snapchat selfie filters, and also big companies like Google and Microsoft are launching their own augmented reality glasses.

Advantages of Augmented Reality


Now talking about the benefits or advantages of Augmented Reality for the gaming industry is really positive. The AR technology is opening the doors of many opportunities for gamers as well as the gaming world.

Using this technology game creators are introducing more smooth, innovative, and engaging games to the gaming world.

Now, this technology is also playing a big role for manufacturers because it is helping them to offer a more engrossing and smooth experience to their users or audience. Below I am going to give you 5 advantages of using AR for the gaming industry

1. Helping the Gaming Industry to Grow Rapidly

If you look a few years back then there was nothing that can fill the gap between the game creator and game user. But now AR gave us an opportunity to fill that gap up.

Big companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are adopting the AR technology to give their users the best gaming experience.

The use of Augmented Reality can enable an opportunity to develop engaging and addictive games, that will help to grow the gaming industry rapidly.

2. Higher engagement and Interaction with games

Since this AR technology was introduced most of us see it as a technology that is built for only games.

So let’s suppose, if the AR use for learning something, it will help the users to interact with the content in a comfortable way.

This will help not only the gaming industry to hold the attention of the user, but also helps other industries to enhance the users’ engagement.

3. Helping to Make the Games More Appealing

AR uses CGO ( Computer-Generated Objects ) and applies them in your real life to give a thrilling and engaging experience. The AR makes games more appealing.

If I give you an example of Pokemon Go, then just suppose a person is playing Pokemon go and passes by your while saying there is the pokemon let’s grab it, won’t it grab your attention, I am pretty sure it will.

So that is why I said that Augmented Reality helps to make the games more appealing.

4. Make an Impact on Our Mental and Physical Health

I know many of you might think that how this is relatable to gaming, I know is not. But I have to add this point because AR is really making a huge impact on our mental and physical health but in an almost positive way.

To make my point more clear let’s see an example.. Let’s take the pokemon go example again, If you want to play the game you have to travel place to place to find the pokemon and join the upcoming tournament that will help you to enhance your physique health.

Now It is also quite possible that in the search for pokemon you will travel to many new places in your city that you never explored, this will give you a sense of happiness and it will enhance your mental health
Apart from this, AR is also using in many industries such as tourism, education, health, etc are shifting their focus to AR to give their User a better experience.

5. Helps for Better consoles

There are so many gaming consoles available in the market, and choosing the best consoles for gaming is also not a piece of cake. After the integration of AR, it will become harder.

For those who are obsessed with gaming and game development, it will bring more options to make their vision and imagination more advance than ever before.

Disadvantages of Augmented Reality


As we all know that there are always two sides to a coin, which means AR is not only have benefits, but there are also some disadvantages you can face when you are playing an AR game.

So don’t just go and start playing an AR game after reading the advantages, but you also read these upcoming disadvantages of using AR games. So without wasting any more of your time, let’s get started.

1. It Can Cause Privacy Issues

The main disadvantage AR games give is that they can harm your privacy. Using AR will be required Generation, analysis, and collection of big sets of data.

Even there are some Augmented Reality systems that capture someone’s photos, record someone’s private chat, and their property, that is totally forbidden.

And obviously, it uses your GPS to track your current location, you give so many permission to it knowingly or unknowingly. So if you are using AR games or something related to AR, there will always be some chances of privacy issues.

To avoid the maximum possibility of a Privacy issue, then whenever it takes permission from you read it carefully and then approve or disapprove it.

2. Pretty Expensive

Using the features or characteristics of AR technology is helping big companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc to grow and improve their processes and services.

Now I used the Big companies because honestly, the cost of using AR is quite expensive. That means if you want good results from AR you have to spend big.

That is why only the big companies currently hold the opportunity to use AR in the business. But let’s see what will future brings, maybe after 4 or 5 years from now. A small business will have an opportunity to use AR at an affordable price.

3. AR Can Put You in Accidental situations

How AR games can be dangerous, this point is perfect goes with the experience I had two years back. So what happened was that my friend and I were sitting on a bench by the road, he was playing Pokémon Go on his phone. Suddenly my phone rang and I had another friend’s call, so I got busy with the call.

Now when I was busy on the call, my friend got up and started going towards the road saying that there is a Pokémon there. But as soon as he started going towards the road, a car started coming towards him. I saw this and immediately brought my friend to the side of the road.

Otherwise, it would hurt him a lot that day. After that, I uninstalled that game and told him not to play. So I will also tell you that it is not bad to play the game, but do not get so lost in that virtual world that you do not know what is happening around.